Jason Carter is a Southerner transplant to San Diego in his mid to late twenties. His passion for travel has taken him to 22 countries and 46 U.S. States. He thinks that’s fine and dandy, but he’d rather sleep in his own bed tonight, thank you very much.

This site is an archive of my life. I’m constantly changing the format, it seems, but it’s kind of like a photo album, journal, and scrap book all rolled into one. The first version of my personal site can be found here. It was created in the fall of 1998 with Netscape Composer and hosted on a free Geocities account. A redesign of the site, performed when I was woefully unemployed in the fall of 1999, can be found here. After finally landing a job in March of 2000, I was able to pursue web development in a professional setting. A sampling of these and other projects can be found in the newly-created portfolio section.

I purchased this domain in December of 2001 and the site went live on January 1st, 2002. I started off with the noble goal of posting a picture every day, and actually did a pretty good job through June with 115 pictures. But, rather than highlight my photography or the places I’ve been, the “A Picture A Day” section shows (quite painfully) the various iterations of this site and my capabilities as a XHTML/CSS designer. I’ve preserved the site here (first picture | last picture), but don’t plan on contributing to it in the future.